Our Automatic Conveyor Loading System (CLS)

Introducing: Our Automatic Conveyor Loading System (CLS)

Explore the Automatic Conveyor Loading System (CLS) by Gimbel Automation, designed exclusively for Five-Axis CNC Mills. This system ensures smooth and uninterrupted loading and unloading of parts, optimizing production efficiency. With rapid setups and quick stock swaps, it greatly enhances your operational workflow.

The CLS boasts a self-advancing conveyor system, ingeniously aligned to feed parts directly into the machine head’s travel path. This unique setup facilitates efficient part handling by the CNC machine using Gimbel Automation Spindle Grippers. Custom-built to suit your specific requirements, our units are ready within 1-2 weeks.

Our CLS Kit includes:

  • The core CLS Unit for automated loading.
  • Adjustable fences and a return table for organized handling of finished parts.
  • M-code machine control integration, ensuring seamless operational experience.

Designed for Effortless Integration

Our CLS system is crafted to integrate through the mill's side door, aligning effortlessly with your current setup. The design philosophy behind the CLS is to simplify automated production, making it as straightforward as running a single part.

Optional Accessories for Enhanced Customization and Safety

For more efficient CLS experience, we offer additional features:
  • Safety light curtains for improved operator safety.
  • Complete PLC integration with an intuitive touchscreen interface.
  • A part flipper for handling finished one-operation parts.
  • An air knife for precise part cleaning.
  • An integrated auto-door for streamlined processes.

The Importance and Impact of CLS

Maximized Productivity: By automating the loading and unloading process, the CLS significantly reduces idle time between operations. This constant flow of work dramatically increases machine utilization, directly translating to higher throughput and productivity.

Precision and Consistency: The CLS allows for precise and consistent positioning of parts. This repeatability is crucial in maintaining the high quality and uniformity of finished products, particularly in high-volume production environments.

Reduced Labor Costs: The automation provided by the CLS minimizes the need for manual intervention in the machining process. This reduction in labor not only lowers operational costs but also reallocates your workforce to more critical tasks, optimizing resource utilization.

Improved Safety: By automating the handling of parts, the CLS minimizes the risk of injury associated with manual loading and unloading. This is especially important when dealing with heavy or complex parts.

Customizable to Specific Needs: With a range of optional accessories and the ability to tailor the system, the CLS can be configured to meet the unique requirements of various manufacturing settings. This customization ensures that the system can grow and adapt with your evolving business needs.

Integration with Existing Systems: Designed to work with existing setups, the CLS negates the need for extensive reconfiguration of your current workflow, making the transition to automated processes smoother and more cost-effective.

Sustainable Production: Automated systems like the CLS contribute to sustainable production practices by optimizing energy usage and reducing waste through improved precision and reduced error rates

Future-Proofing Your Manufacturing Operations

The CLS is not just a tool for today’s needs; it's an investment in the future of your manufacturing operations. As industries continue to move towards more automated and efficient processes, having systems like the CLS in place will ensure that your business remains competitive and ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

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