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Giant Auto-Tumble Basket for Sand & Bead-Blasting

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Style:Stand-alone Unit w/out Blaster Mount
Rotary 75mm Air Vise Rotary 100mm Air Vise

Product Description

The Giant Auto-Tumble Basket was an outgrowth of our original Auto Tumble Baskets, geared towards customers with more industrial needs. Our newest version of the Tumble Baskets feature a geared stepper motor with digital motor control for the most effective and controllable rotation possible.

Complete kit includes:
  • 1x Basket and Auto-Tumbler
  • 1x External Magnetic-Mounting Control Box w/ Speed Control
  • 1x 12V Power Brick (Not Pictured)
Optional Accessories: 
  • Noga-Style Magnetic Blasting Gun Holder
Technical Specs
Basket Size
12" Diameter by 12" Deep
Construction 0.100" 304 Stainless Steel
Motor Torque 15 N-m
Motor RPM Range Fully Adjustable 0-30RPM


An Auto-Tumble Basket, also known as an Automatic Tumble Basket, Automated Sand-blasting Parts Tumbler, or Automated Bead-blasting Part Basket is the single easiest way to automate your Sand and Bead-Blasting Needs. Instead of standing at your Sand or Beadblaster for hours every day, simply put parts in the basket, turn it on, turn the blaster unit on, and walk away. The parts will automatically be rotated allowing all surfaces to be fully finished. Then turn the Auto-Tumble Basket off, turn off your blaster unit, and collect your parts!

Our Auto-Tumble Baskets can absolutely be used for automatic processing of your SLS 3D Printed Parts — in face, we invented the Automatic Tumble Basket for this exact application. We make thousands and thousand of SLS 3D Printed Gripper Fingers for our CNC Spindle Grippers, and use our Automatic Tumble Basket to automatically process them.

The Gimbel Automation Auto-Tumble Baskets are the only units on the market that can simply be placed inside of the blasting cabinet when needed and removed when not needed. Every other option on the market not only costs two-to-ten times more, but are permanent to your cabinet.

Our Auto-Tumble Baskets are in production use in hundreds of wet-blast cabinets and thousands of traditional cabinets across the United States. In both the standard and giant Auto-Tumble Basket units, there is a large semi-sealed Stepper motor that is further enclosed in a complete enclosure. The motor is located strategically on the back side of the unit behind multiple metal plates, making water ingress very unlikely. We’ve never had a unit fail due to wet-blast or vapor-honing cabinet blasting use.

The typical limitation is not part weight, but part finish. When parts become large and heavy enough, they can bang into each other when rotating in the Tumble Basket. We typically recommend filling the Auto-Tumble Baskets be filled with no more than 20% total basket volume. For the Standard Auto-Tumble Basket, we recommend no more than 10 pounds of parts. For the Giant Auto-Tumble Basket, we recommend no more than 25 pounds of parts.

The Standard Auto-Tumble Basket fits in the vast majority of Sandblasting and Beadblasting cabinets on the market. The Giant Auto-Tumble Basket is a much more industrial product that only fits into large, free-standing cabinets.


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