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Automate Your CNC Production!

The leading Manufacturer of In-Machine Automation Solutions. From Spindle Grippers to Full-Service Turnkeys.

Why Gimbel Automation?

  • Load parts directly with your CNC Spindle using our grippers
  • No complex robotics to integrate or expensive system to install
  • Programming is automated (uses existing CNC control)
  • Hardware Solutions for $5-10k & Turnkey Solutions for $15-40k



In-Machine Automation

Gimbel is the pioneer of in-machine automation. Unlike other automation systems, we leverage your CNC Spindle to load and unload parts directly. This translates to automation systems with no complex integration resulting in 10x faster ROI on machine-tending automation and roughly 10% of the upfront cost.

Fast-ROI CNC Automation: It's What we Do

Hundreds of satisfied turnkey and automation customers understand how Gimbel's In-Machine Automation Solutions deliver the best value in the CNC Automation market.

Shockingly easy. How did we not think to do this sooner? Robots without the hassle.

John from Machining Specialties

Two-Op Automation Pallet

  • Machine Two Ops in One Cycle
    In a matter of minutes, run complete two-op parts automatically with built-in part flipping.
  • Automated Macro Programming
    Our provided Macro program does the automation and math for you.
  • Integrated Vises and Flip Station
    With two Vises & Flip Station, Internal Routing, and 96mm Zero-Point Compatibility, you can set up in under two minutes.
Two-Op Automation Pallet


  • Adjusts in Seconds for New Setups
    In a matter of seconds, you can adjust the fences for new parts. In a few minutes, you're running lights out.
  • Automatically Feeds Parts
    Actuates parts to loading location where the Gripper or Vacuum Grabber loads and unloads parts.
  • PLC & Safety-Interlocks
    Our optional PLC-Integration provides complete safety interlocks, and integrates with light curtains for complete safety.

CNC Grippers & Vacuums

  • Easiest & Cost-Effective CNC Tending
    From $1149 and install on almost any CNC Milling Machine in Minutes. Automatically load and unload parts.
  • Make Programs fast with our Program Generator
    We've fully automated programming with our program generator. Make gripper programs in seconds.
  • Even More Parts with Vacuum Grabbers
    With even less setup time than Grippers, automate using vacuum powered by air via Bypass Blocks or Through Spindle.
CNC Grippers & Vacuums

Self-Centering Air Vises

  • The Easiest Form of Workholding Automation
    Clamp and release stock automatically. 100mm and 75mm Models Available. Clamp force up to 3,500lbs.
  • Consistent & Repeatable
    Consistent clamp force and 0.0008" Repeatability.
  • Adjustable and Easy-to-Use
    Self-centering and fully-adjustable. Hard Jaws can be adjusted for almost any stock size. Soft Jaws Available.
Self-Centering Air Vise

Solenoid Kits & Rotaries

  • Instant Solenoid Kit Works with Any CNC or Robot
    Allows any relay or M-Code to control two solenoids instantly.
  • Rotary Unions for 4 & 5-Axis
    For 4 and 5-Axis applications, use our Rotary Unions to get air where you need it.
  • Solenoid Kit & Unions Install in 5 Minutes
    Just provide air and plug in; be ready to run air with M-codes in minutes.
Solenoid Kits & Rotaries

Auto-Tumble Basket

  • The Easiest Way to Automate Blasting
    In a matter of minutes, you can fully automate your blasting.
  • Speed and Angle Control
    Fully-Adjustable speed and angle for perfect blasting.
  • Optional Noga-Style Blasting Gun Mount
    With our optional Noga-Style Universal Mount, you can easily adjust your blasting gun to any position.
Auto-Tumble Basket

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100mm Self-Centering Pneumatic CNC Vise - Gimbel Automation
100mm Self-Centering Pneumatic CNC Vise
Sale price$2,049.00
Bypass-Air CNC Spindle Gripper for Haas - Gimbel Automation
Bypass-Air CNC Spindle Gripper for Haas
Sale price$1,349.00
Gripper Tray Blank (18" x 9") - Gimbel Automation
Gripper Tray Blank (18" x 9")
Sale price$95.00