CNC Pneumatic Part Flip Station - Gimbel Automation
CNC Pneumatic Part Flip Station - Gimbel Automation
CNC Pneumatic Part Flip Station - Gimbel Automation
CNC Pneumatic Part Flip Station - Gimbel Automation

Gimbel Automation

CNC Pneumatic Part Flip Station

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Product Description

With the CNC Pneumatic Part Flipper, you can machine all operations of a part in a single cycle. Our Part Flipper is essentially one of our TSA Grippers on a pneumatic rotary stage with a stand to mount to your machine table.

CNC Pneumatic Part Flip Station
Complete Kit Includes:
  • 1x CNC Pneumatic Part Flipper
  • 2x Gripper Finger Mounting Plates
  • 4x Small Round Fingers
  • 4x Long Round Fingers
  • 4x Rubber Compression Pads
Technical Specs
Pressure Range 0-175 psi
Angle Adjustment 0-190°
Part Size Grip Range 0" - 4.125"
Recommended Part Weight 3~ lbs

Our CNC Part Flipper grips and rotates your part 180 degrees, allowing three-axis machines to complete two operations in one cycle


A CNC Flip Station, also known as CNC Part Flipper, Part Flipping Station, or Second Op Flip Station is an automation tool used in CNC Machine Tending Automation System to automatically reorient the component, typically gripping the part firmly, turning it over 180°, and then releasing the part in its new orientation.

For CNC Machine Tending Automation, the addition of a CNC Flip Station allows a system that could otherwise only automatically finish the first operation of a multi-op part to instead finish 100% completed parts

The Gimbel Automation CNC Flip Station is currently being used for all kinds of different automation applications, including conveyors lines, industrial robotic applications, and many more. Fundamentally, we design all of our products with CNC Machine Tending as the primary use-case, but we’ve seen the Flip Station used in a wide variety of applications.

The CNC Flip Station is actuated pneumatically. Two independent 5-Channel (2-Way) Solenoids are required to actuate the Flip Station. The vast majority of our customers opt to use a single Instant Solenoid Kit (that includes two 5-Channel Solenoids) to quickly and easily implement the Flip Station with their machinery.

Our CNC Flip Station is incredibly flexible, and can be set to any rotation actuation angle of 0° ****to 190°. We have some customers who are actually using Part Flippers to eliminate the need of fourth axes on their equipment, typically by setting the Flip Station actuation to 90°. By doing this, the part can be reoriented and automatically reloaded into fixtures using our CNC Spindle Grippers or CNC Vacuum Grabbers to machine up to six different operations automatically without the need to manually reload components.

We have made numerous custom CNC Flip Stations for specific customer applications. Contact us today to book a call and discuss with one of our Applications Engineers! We also offer complete Turnkey Automation Services across Southern California, and have a network of Systems Integrators and Distributors across the United States.

This primarily depends on the part weight, part shape, gripping fingers, and input air pressure. By doubling the input pressure to the Gripper in the Flip Station, for instance, you can double the gripping force on the component. We sell a Pneumatic Pressure Booster for this very application.

Typically, you can easily flip parts under 5 pounds using the standard configuration without needing customer Gripper Fingers. Custom gripper Fingers can allow the standard unit to flip up to 15 pound part with the right design.


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