Two-Op Automation Pallet
Two-Operation Pallet Module - Gimbel Automation
Two-Operation Pallet Module - Gimbel Automation
Two-Operation Pallet Module - Gimbel Automation
Two-Operation Pallet Module - Gimbel Automation
Two-Op Automation Pallet
Two-Op Automation Pallet

Gimbel Automation

Two-Op Automation Pallet

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Style:Two-Op Pallet Module w/ 100mm Vises (In-Line)
Rotary 75mm Air Vise Rotary 100mm Air Vise

Product Description

The Two-Op Automation Pallet is our answer to giving our customers a quick and easy turnkey solution, making it incredibly quick and easy to achieve two-operation in-machine automation in combination with our Spindle Grippers and Vacuum Grabbers. 

Programming is easy with our comprehensive Macro, which is included with your purchase of the Two Operation Pallet Module. Programming and implementing full two-operation automation is as single as running a single part for the first time with this system.

The Two-Operation Automation Pallet is Built-to-Order. Lead-time is 8 Business Days with aluminum bead-blast finish or 15 Business Days with Type III Black Hard Anodize. 

Two-Op Automation Pallet
Two-Operation Pallet Module Includes:
  • 2x Gimbel Automation 100mm or 75mm Air Vises
  • 1x Integrated Part Flip Station & Premium Fingers
  • 1x Integrated Pallet w/ Integrated Air Routing & Manifold
  • 4x Hold-Down Toe Clamps
Technical Specs
Vise Repeatability 0.0008"
Vise Clamping Force 900 - 3,400 lbf
Clamping Width 75mm/100mm
Recommended Input Pressure 100 psi
Max Pressure 130 psi
Pallet Height 6.2"
Weight 65lbs

Thanks to all air being routed cleanly through the pallet, the entire system can be pulled on and off of a machine in a few minutes.


Gimbel Automation’s Two-Op Automation Pallet is the easiest and fastest way to implement Machine Tending CNC Automation for a two-operation part in a single cycle on your Vertical CNC Mill. It solves all the challenges of automated workholding and part orientation by providing two of our Self-Centering Pneumatic CNC Vises and a Pneumatic Part Flip Station onto a single pallet that weighs less than a traditional Kurt Vise.

The Two-Op Automation Pallet is actuated pneumatically by solenoids. On the front of the Pallet, there are seven air lines, which can be controlled by a total of four 5-Channel (2-Way) Solenoids. Most of our customers opt to purchase two of our Instant Solenoid Kits to allow this install to only take a few minutes.

The Two-Op Automation Pallet is designed to be a drop-in solution that solves all of the challenges of automated CNC Machine Tending Workholding. You’ll need to pair the Two-Op Automation Pallet with a form of part-tending, such as the use of our CNC Spindle Grippers or Vacuum Grabbers. We also have countless customers using the Two-Op Automation Pallets with Cobot and Robot solutions, including those from Universal Robotics, Halter Robotics, Automation Within Reach, and many more.

If you are using our CNC Spindle Grippers, our CNC Vacuum Grabbers, or our Conveyor Loading System, your purchase of the Two-Op Automation Pallet comes with a comprehensive template-based macro program for your machine. We have existing Template programs with confirmed compatibility for Haas, Brother, and Fanuc, and are working on more every day. With the macro template, programming a complete automated workflow is as simple as programming an individual part that would be manually loaded. The actual cutting programs are called using G65, and the only modification to your actual posted code is replacing the M30 at the end with an M99.