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Installing Your Haas NGC I/O Kit & Relays


This document will provide instructions to identify if you need the Haas Relay Kit, and provide you information on how to install it. Use this kit to get up and running quickly and easily to integrate Haas M-Codes with our Pneumatic Devices (the easiest way to do so being the use of our Instant Solenoid Kit).

Identifying if you need the relays

  1. Most Haas Machines built after 2019 will require the relays to be installed. A board missing relays is located behind a cover and located in the lower left of the electrical cabinet. Missing relays look like this:
Haas Relays
  1. If the relays are already there, then you don't need the kit! This might be the case if the machine is older than 2019 or if the kit was already installed. You won't need the kit if you purchased the 8M Relay option, either.

Electrical Connection for Haas Machines

Haas Relays Installed
  • Step 2: That's it - you're done. Refer to the drawing below to see how the relays are mapped.

💡 Tip: We recommend using M21, M22, and M25 relays before the other two, as the M23 and M24 relays are harder to implement on NGC Haas machines that have been updated.

Haas Relays Layout

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