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Side-Mount Auto-Door

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Product Description

Our Side-Mount Auto-Door is the simplest and fastest way to add automation to your machine. Use this pneumatic auto-door system for industrial robot and cobot access on CNC Machining Centers, or any compatible closed machine.

Designed for almost any machine with a vertically-raising side-door, this auto-door system has confirmed drop-in compatibility for the following machines:

  • Haas UMC-500 (Including SS Models)
  • Haas VF-2 & VF-2YT (Including SS Models)
  • Haas VF-3 & VF-3YT
  • Haas VF-1

Please confirm machine compatibility with us for other models.

Auto-doors are built-to-order and typically ship in 3-4 business days.




A CNC Auto-Door, also known as an Automatic CNC Door, Auto Side-Door, or CNC Door Opener is a device that attaches to a CNC Machine that automatically opens and closes the machine doors, typically to allow an external automation system to carry out automated CNC Machine Tending. CNC Auto-Doors fall into two primary types: (1) Pneumatic CNC Auto-Doors, and (2) Servo-Driven CNC Auto-Doors.

Pneumatic or Air-Driven CNC Auto-Doors are typically far less expensive and easier to integrate. Servo-Driven Auto-Doors are typically more expensive but have slightly better safety interlock features. All of our Auto-Doors at Gimbel Automation are pneumatically-driven.

A CNC Auto-Door is required when interfacing with any automation system that is external to the CNC Machine being automatically tended. When using an external loading system, such as our own Conveyor Loading System, a Robotic Cell, an Industrial Robot, or a Collaborative Robot, an Auto-Door is a necessity to make the system operational.

A CNC Auto-Door can even benefit machines that don’t have Automated Machine Tending implemented. For instance, if an operator is running multiple machines, an Auto-Door can eliminate the wasted time and energy of the operator opening and closing the doors every cycle.

We have three models of Auto-Doors available:

Our Standard Side-Mount CNC Auto-Door is designed to be a cost-effective option for machines that already have a Lexan side-window that can be raised and lowered. This option is compatible with virtually all modern Haas CNC machines other than the new DC-1.

Our Standard Top-Mount CNC Auto-Door is a universal solution that is available in a single and double-door configuration. It is virtually universal for modern CNC Verticals and Lathes with a single or double front door configuration that opens by sliding to the left or right.

Our Premium Side-Mount CNC Auto-Door is the best option for the longest service life and continuous operation. The Premium Side-Mount Auto-Door is designed to allow your original door to be tucked out of the way in the upright position (without cutting apart or modifying the machine) and adds an aluminum door that is on large genuine Hiwin linear square rails. This design is modular and can be built for virtually any machine that needs external automation located either the left or right side of the machine.

Yes, we do installs across Southern California, and even offer complete Turnkey Automation Services. We also have dozens of Distributors and Integrator Partners across the United States who can do the install for you if you are located outside of Southern California.