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CNC Spindle Grippers

No, it doesn’t! Our patent-pending Bypass system finally lets you utilize a CNC Spindle Gripper without the need for through spindle air or coolant!

It’s surprisingly easy. Check out our Programming Article for complete instructions. We recommend setting your part WCS as G54, and your bottom left machined pocket in your Gripper Tray to G55. All WCS should reference the bottom face of the stock (the bottom of the stepped hard/soft jaw in the vise, and the bottom pocket of the loading tray). This way, you can clamp a piece of stock into your Gripper, and use your Renishaw or other Tool Probing System to probe the tool length of your Gripper with stock loaded. Then, it’s just a matter shuttling stock back and forth between coordinates relative G55 in the Part-Loading-Tray and the machining location at G54.

We make a variety of CNC Spindle Grippers including:

Patent-Pending Bypass Model for Haas Mills (CAT40)

3/4" Through-Spindle Coolant Model

3/4" Through-Spindle Air Model

Our 3/4" Through-Spindle Coolant and 3/4" Through-Spindle Air models can use any type of tool-holder. The 3/4" TSA Model can use any holder out-of-the-box. The 3/4" TSC Model can use any holder, but may require drilling a hole into the side of the holder to allow coolant depressurization.

Our Bypass Models are currently only available for Haas machines, but we can custom-machine adapters for an additional fee upon request. We can also make custom models for orders of five or more spindle grippers.

We have tested our grippers in both Umbrella-style and Side-Mount modern Haas Tool-Changers. Even our Air Bypass Model works with both types, and doesn't obstruct any tool slots on either side. Note the orientation of the gripper when going into the tool-changer, especially for side-mount styles. We have several customers that have used these with Brother, DMG-Mori, Doosan/DN-Solutions, and many others, but we have not tested these models ourselves.

Yes, we do! We can make custom CNC Spindle Grippers for almost any automation or factory solution. For orders of less than 10 units, we usually charge an engineering surcharge to design a custom solution for your needs.

Just one! Even with our Bypass Air Models, just one tool slot is used with standard Gripper Orientation.

Yes, you can do this with our Through-Spindle Air or Through-Spindle Coolant Models.

Yes you can, but be careful! You can rotate the gripper inside of the tool-holder, but you need to be sure that you are using an Umbrella-style tool changer, and that you leave the pocket on either side of the gripper empty. This method will not work with a side-mount tool changer.

Gripper-loaded part weight essentially unlimited (to a point) depending on the finger design. We’ve had customers 3D print or machine custom fingers that hook under the part for large part loads.

For most applications (with the standard included gripper fingers), we generally recommend keeping part weight below 5 lbs for gripper part handling.

We’ve had customers move as much as 10lbs with the default gripper fingers, but you need to use 150-200psi air to make sure things are very tightly held.

Air Vises

Your Air Vise has one input for release, and one input for clamping. The vise has an internal spring that clamps, even in the event of an air failure (maintains about 50% clamping force). You can adjust the air pressure, and adjust the force applied by the vise accordingly (there is a minimum force due to the internal springs).

Our Gimbel Automation Air Vises are self-centering and repeat to +/-0.001”.


We make six models existing models of auto-doors, that are built to order in the course of about five-six business days. We have existing models to fit all the most popular models of Haas Machines, including VF-2, VF-2YT, and UMC-500 machine models.

Nope — our Auto-Doors are the only ones on the market that mount magnetically to the side of your machine using super strong switchable magnets. An air solenoid lifts and lowers the Auto-Door. We recommend using silicone or a thick grease behind the auto-door to prevent any coolant leakage.

Pricing starts at $4,500 for our standard models, and goes up from there for custom solutions.