Gimbel Automation's Pneumatic Self-Centering Air Vises

Gimbel Automation's Pneumatic Self-Centering Air Vises

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About Self-Centering Air Vises

In this highly competitive world of manufacturing, machine shops need every advantage they can get to stay ahead of the game. The right tools can make all the difference in increasing productivity, efficiency and accuracy. That's where Gimbel Automation's pneumatic self-centering air vises come into play. Designed with the small to medium-sized machine shop in mind, these compact and intelligent vises are the ideal solution for a wide range of machining applications. In this blog post, we explore the benefits of Gimbel Automation's air vise, and discover how it can help optimize machining operations for greater business success.

Compact and Space-Saving

One of the standout features of Gimbel Automation's air vises is their extremely compact design. These vises are perfect for small to medium-sized machine shops that have limited working space, as they take up minimal room on the workbench. They also boast an "installs without OEM provisions" feature, meaning that they can be easily integrated into any existing setup, without the need for expensive retrofitting. This makes Gimbel Automation's air vises an intelligent investment that delivers real gains on the shop floor.

Fully Self-Centering

Gimbel Automation's air vises are fully self-centering, providing unbeatable accuracy and precision. This means that parts in the vise will be held securely in place, without any unnecessary movement. This feature is especially important for machinists who need to work with more delicate materials, or for complex machining operations that require absolute precision and accuracy. By using Gimbel Automation's air vise, machinists can ensure that every piece they work on is held safely and accurately, and that they can produce high-quality work that exceeds customer expectations.

Adjustable Jaw Positions

Another key feature of the air vise is its adjustability. The Gimbel Automation air vises come equipped with fully-adjustable serrated hard jaws that offer 36 different positions. This means that machinists can work on a wide range of different parts, no matter their size or shape. Additionally, optional soft jaws can also be added, providing additional versatility and customization. Machinists can be confident that Gimbel Automation's air vises will provide maximum flexibility, allowing them to work on any job that comes their way.

Excellent Repeatability

When dealing with machining work, repeatability is key. Gimbel Automation's air vise delivers outstanding levels of precision, with a repeatability of +/-0.02mm. This means that machinists can be sure that their work will be consistent, no matter how many times they repeat the same job. By eliminating human error, Gimbel Automation's air vises help to increase productivity and reduce waste, leading to greater profits for machine shops.

Available Soft Jaws

Finally, Gimbel Automation's air vises are available with optional soft jaws. Soft jaws are ideal for holding delicate or more complex parts that might be prone to damage or marring with harder jaws. These soft jaws can be easily swapped out, allowing machinists to quickly and easily adjust to different types of job requirements. With Gimbel Automation's air vises and optional soft jaws, machinists can take on a wide variety of jobs with ease, resulting in greater versatility and faster turnaround times.

The Perfect Tool for Small to Medium-Sized Machine Shops

When it comes to choosing the right tools for machining operations, small to medium-sized machine shops need to be smart. That's why Gimbel Automation's pneumatic self-centering air vise is an excellent choice. From its compact design to its fully self-centering capabilities, 36 adjustable jaw positions, and optional soft jaws, this tool delivers benefits that can optimize machining operations for greater success. Whether you're working with delicate parts or complex operations, Gimbel Automation's air vise can help you achieve the level of precision and accuracy you need to succeed. Choose Gimbel Automation for a smarter, more efficient, and more profitable machine shop.