Automatic Tumble Basket

Gimbel Automation's Automatic Tumble Basket for Sand Blasting

About Our Automatic Tumble Basket

In a world where time is money, automation has emerged as a game-changing solution in manufacturing processes, including sand and bead-blasting. Gimbel Automation's AUTOMATIC TUMBLE BASKET FOR SAND & BEAD-BLASTING is a powerful, cost-effective tool that significantly streamlines this often labor-intensive process. Crafted from a genuine need for efficient, affordable bead-blasting solutions, this kit is a revolutionary addition to your workshop.

Features & Technical Specs

The complete kit comprises a Basket and Auto-Tumbler, an External Magnetic-Mounting Control Box with Speed Control, and a 12V Power Brick. Optional accessories like the Noga-Style Magnetic Blasting Gun Holder further customize your blasting setup.

  • Basket Size: 9" Diameter by 8.75" Tall
  • Construction: 0.100" 304 Stainless Steel
  • Motor Torque: 80kg-cm
  • Motor RPM Range: Fully Adjustable 0-16RPM

Affordability Meets Efficiency

What sets this product apart is its high affordability. At less than one-third the cost of competing products, it's an ideal entry point for businesses looking to optimize their sand and bead-blasting operations without breaking the bank.

Key Benefits

Simplified Operations

The Automatic Tumble Basket takes the tediousness out of sand and bead-blasting, allowing operators to focus on more complex tasks.

Speed Control

The External Magnetic-Mounting Control Box enables complete speed control, allowing you to adjust the RPM to suit the specific needs of your materials and projects.


Constructed with 0.100" 304 Stainless Steel, this tumble basket is built to withstand the rugged conditions typical in blasting environments, offering long-lasting reliability.

Time and Labor Savings

The automatic function of the tumble basket saves significant time, streamlining operations and thus freeing up labor resources for other tasks.

Optional Accessories

The Noga-Style Magnetic Blasting Gun Holder adds an extra layer of convenience, facilitating a hands-free operation.

Revolutionize Blasting

Gimbel Automation's Automatic Tumbling Basket is not just another accessory; it's a vital component that elevates the efficiency and effectiveness of your sand and bead-blasting operations. Its mix of affordability, durability, and operational ease makes it a smart investment for any business in the blasting sector.